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In the “Twilight” series the so-called “vampires” *air-quotes* have special, additional abilities that are unique to themselves.  Like, how at Coldstone you not only get ice cream (the vampirism) but you also get to choose your own mix-in.  Except these mix-ins are powers and you can’t choose them, they depend on your traits or skills pre-vampirizing (?).  I just realized that that metaphor was pretty much useless. Anyways, *cough* I was thinking what if the vampires from Anne Rice’s Vampire Chronicles had unique special abilities, just ‘cause I’m crazy.  But, because they already have REAL powers that do not include sparkling(are you reading this, Edward?), theirs would be more like heightened abilities.  So…here we go.

Lestat: Accessorizing/ lovability
Louis: emoness/ability to tolerate Lestat for long periods of time
Armand: seduction; man, woman, or vampire it doesn’t matter
David Talbot: rationality/ the ability to refuse Lestat in (borrowed) human form
Marius: the ability to be a total pedophile and still make us love him
Pandora: the ability to be such a drag in the series, but rock her own stand-alone
Nicki: I’m gonna go with crazy
Mekare: badassness
Maharet: scrapbooking (ok, not proven, but tell me she isn’t a total scrapbooker)
Gabrielle: the ability to make everyone in the series, and the readers, hate her. Oh, and bad parenting skills…reaaaaalllyyyy bad parenting skills.
Quinn: fanboyness (squee!)
Madeline: arts and crafts. She’s awesome with a bedazzler and she idolizes Martha Stewart. (If she was alive today)

The SPOILERS section! (for those not caught up with the series):
Claudia (Even if she IS dead): bitchiness/ brattiness/the ability to piss me off from the frikkin’ grave
Mona Mayfair: annoyingness, unworthy-of-Quinn-ness
Daniel Molloy (the boy reporter): making models. Right now he’s working at Legoland. He builds all the scary-detailed Lego monuments
This is something I've been thinking about on and off for a while. Some of these powers actually are cooler than the Twilight powers. Like, being able to see relationships: who freaking cares? If that was my power I would feel soooo ripped off.
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GothBarbieGirl Featured By Owner Dec 2, 2009
LOLz :)
LickOutYourBrains Featured By Owner Jul 21, 2009
Holy shit that is sooo true!

I love Marius's power. Pedophillia. i lolled
thephantomess Featured By Owner Jul 21, 2009
yeah, she's not winning any parenting awards anytime soon. and she's a double failure b/c she's not a good mom OR a good lover. thanks. :)
puppypie223 Featured By Owner Jul 15, 2009
LOL XD u r awesome for making this!!!! maharet does seem like a scrapbooker, and claudia makes me mad 2. gabrielle is a bad mom. :(
thephantomess Featured By Owner Jul 15, 2009
santiago's power: uber-mime! (his mime act scares people)

i can't believe i forgot akasha. super-feminism is a good power for her as well as the ability to scare the living hell out of you. XD. i liked claudia until "Merrick." up until then she was probably one of my favorites. before "the tale of the body thief" i think she was my favorite. with a mom like gabrielle, i'm actually surprised that lestat wasn't really messed up.
iWearAmask Featured By Owner Jul 14, 2009
Haha true true bout the relationship seeing thing.

What about Akasha? She's frickin SCARY. Her power would be the ability to SCARE THE LIVING HELL OUT OF ME. O_O She's, like, the most extreme feminist I've ever seen.

Aww, I liked Claudia. Despite the whole trying-to-kill-Lestat thing. Mostly because it didn't work, and because I didn't like Lestat until the second book.

SANTIAGO pisses me off. Thank God Louis destroyed him. That was Louis' finest hour. :)
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